Come sit. 


I love when clients tell me they are getting a lot more out of therapy than they expected to.  It is my hope that our work will be meaningful and the results will be long-lasting. My training and experience afford me a broad palette so I have many different ways of helping you. While I draw most often upon psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, narrative, feminist, EMDR and mindfulness-based approaches, sometimes the most powerful medicine is a shared laugh about the ironies of life and the sheer madness that comes with being human. I aspire to be honest, open, and deeply focused on what you are saying and not saying.  I believe in being tough when you need it, soft when the work is hard enough and playful when the seriousness of growth and change needs a ballast.  My approach is as much about the body as it is the mind and how the two are really one.  No matter what brings you in, we will surely talk about hope, curiosity, compassion and grit-- useful tools for just about every human scenario.  As much as I want you to leave your final session with new skills and perspectives, I hope our work together will contribute to your experience of freedom and vitality even in the darkest of times.