My practice is located at 125 High Rock Avenue in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY.  Just down the street from the summer Farmers Market, the building has two stone lions flanking the entrance. There are parking lots on either side of the building as well as street-side parking. Two handicap spots are available right out front. The building is called “The Mill” as it used to be the Van Raalte Knitting Mill, producer of silk gloves, undergarments and nylons. I love the combination of the the original beams and fixtures with modern lighting and design.

When you come into the building a receptionist will direct you to the second floor waiting room by stair or elevator, and I will come out to greet you and bring you to my office at our designated time. My space is both airy and cozy.  It is painted a soft blue and is lit by large windows and skylights. I hope you will feel at home here.

Frequency of Sessions

In general, our sessions will last 50 minutes.  I like to meet with people weekly until we get to know each other and make some progress. After than we we can alter our frequency as needed. In some cases it is tremendously helpful to schedule a double session so we can move into material in a deeper way and really make some progress.   

Fees/ Insurance

My rate is $150 per hour for individuals and $165 for couples.  I operate on a sliding fee scale. I participate with some insurance companies and am happy to submit a bill to those insurance companies that allow members to see therapists outside their network.  Insurance is quite complicated, so I am happy to talk to you about how this all works.